Hard Choices – First Full Moon

I had hoped to write four novels in time for Halloween 2017. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I think it would have been doable (because I wrote First Full Moon in a month) but writing + time for editing = no show for Halloween. There’s also the difficult task of creating four separate but similar book covers which has proved to be a really time consuming process.

I want to publish First Full Moon. I’m proud of the story. It’s been wonderfully edited by a few great editors and it’s in the best shape of all my novels.

But . . .

I’m just not making it as a writer. My idea of making it includes being able to generate enough moula to justify writing full-time. At this point, I can barely cover the water bill with what I make.

So . .  .

I made the hard choice to hold off on releasing First Full Moon until September 2018. But the good news is that at that time, I’m going to release the whole series – First Full Moon, Blue Moon, Harvest Moon, and Blood Moon.

It wasn’t an easy decision but in the long run, I think the series will be more successful and reach a broader audience if it’s done all at one time.