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Cake and Whiskey

If I were to write a country song about myself it would probably be titled “Cake and Whiskey”. Why you

The Story Behind After Love Leaves

I had a first date with a guy who was both a therapist and a computer systems administrator. Weird combination

Hard Choices – First Full Moon

I had hoped to write four novels in time for Halloween 2017. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I think it would

Book Reviews

Check out the good reviews for After Love Leaves: After Love Leaves by Michelle Alstead   Please follow and

Online Book Tour

Check out the upcoming book tour for After Love Leaves: Please follow and like us:

Listen to the Podcast

Check out Michelle Alstead’s podcast where she discusses the influences behind After Love Leaves and what projects she has in

Not Giving Up

Sometimes in life we have to make the decision not to give up. Even when the odds are against us.

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